What I Know...

I guess I have been in a "making lists sort of mood" - lists of things to do - to work on - and so on. This is a list I started a month ago, and set aside, and which I reviewed after my post yesterday. So on this overcast and rainy day, I share it with you...

1. Everything will pass away.
2. Surely as the sun goes down on this day, it will rise again tomorrow.
3. We must love one another - for we are all one.
4. Within every experience there is a lesson.
5. We are here to learn our true nature.
6. The things that upset us the most are the things that never happen.
7. What is of God brings us peace.
8. To live deeply and truly - we must let go of holding on, and hold on to letting go.
9. Our desires, if out of balance, keep us bound to the earth plane.
10. What bothers us the most about others - is precisely what we need to address in ourselves.
11. We do not need to suffer in order to learn.
12. Pain may be real - but suffering is an option and results from our perceptions.
13. Let nothing disturb or distress you - for what you see or perceive is an illusion.
14. Only love is real.
15. Joy is always a mere thought away.
16. Everything we need is inside of us.
17. Every desire for another is really a longing for God.
18. Every act should be done out of love and compassion.
19. It is in giving that we receive.
20. We are never alone.

I KNOW these things are true - but at times I forget their wisdom or I embody them imperfectly. Today I recommit to remembering them regularly, one point at a time...


Anonymous said…
I love this!

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