They Are All Perfect!

As I went out for a walk on this magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful Good Friday, I watched the cherry trees slowly release their delicate blossoms, and thought to myself - they are all perfect!

Years ago, I was very moved by the movie, "The Last Samurai." And I remembered, that as the Samurai in the movie lay dying after a significant battle, he looked upon the blossoms falling from the cherry trees in the spring, and uttered those very words - "They are all perfect!" - as he took his last breath.

In the last couple of days, I have enjoyed the posting of pictures from those who are currently traveling with John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga, who is teaching in Japan at the moment. Several of the pictures were of the splendid cherry blossoms at their peak. I marveled at how the cherry trees were also peaking here, at the same time, in the Washington, DC area.

A few days ago, I posted an entry about my theme for my classes this week - "Purnatva" - which means perfection, and in the yogic teachings, is considered to be an attribute of the Divine.

I thought about how everything is perfect while I was on my walk - even the dying blossoms which float down gracefully onto the earth, only to be blown away or walked on. Even those things that challenge us - are perfect - if we learn the lessons they teach us.

I then reflected on a video I posted on Facebook yesterday and shared with some colleagues, and the very diverse reactions the video elicited. I was initially surprised at some of them, but found myself trying to see things from a different perspective. It was also interesting to consider the responses I received from my own students on the very same video. Truly, what may inspire one person, might rile another. And yet both perspectives, have merit...

What is perfection? When we do the best that we can. And when we are the best that we can be. Nothing more and nothing less. Today, as I taught a make up yoga class scheduled for one of the ones canceled during the snow, I was buoyed and inspired by my wonderful students as we played together, exploring poses they had never tried, leading up to drop backs.

I was especially touched by a dear student and friend who actually volunteered to do one. She has faced tremendous challenges and losses in the last few months, yet she is making incredible changes and courageously stepping out of her comfort zone and setting wonderful goals for herself. I watched her, and indeed, every single person in my home studio today - lighten up, and leave feeling empowered. It was so interesting to see that something that elicited some passionate discussion, also inspired some others to do something they had never done before - and to go where they had never gone.

What is perfect? That which challenges our notions and invites us to grow. And everything that is - as it is...They are all perfect.


Lavonne said…
Another great post, Olga, and another wonderful class this morning.

Sending lots of love...

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