Creating a Better Life

This morning when I got up, I looked out the window and everything was enshrouded in fog. It was more reminiscent of a fall morning than a spring one. So I hopped into my car and drove down to the river, remembering that day back in September '08 when I paddled into the fog on Day of Atonement...

It was noisy down at the river. A small plow truck was trying to move the massive amounts of mud that the floods had deposited on the boat launch area, but to seemingly no avail. Everything just seemed to get released back into the water. So, I did not stay long and was glad I did not bring my kayak with me. But I did take in the beautiful scenery for a while. The sky and the water were one - I could not see where one ended and the other began. It was all one foggy mist, and I thought of the book, The Mists of Avalon, and crossing over to an entirely new world or dimension...

Instead, I came home and found Christel Nani's newsletter waiting for me in my mailbox. She is a nurse and medical intuitive, whose book, Diary of a Medical Intuitive was a real eye-opener for me some years ago. The newsletter offered 8 suggestions for a better life, and I've slightly edited some of them:

1. Run from negativity.
2. Be a cheerleader. Get your head back in the game and get excited for a new opportunity to try again.
3. Create new cellular memory. Make a daily practice to conjure up a happy and wonderful memory that makes your cells tingle with joy. Happy people have happy cells.
4. Resist the desire to throw pearls before swine. If those around you can't be happy for you, or support who you are, find new people.
5. Balance your thoughts. Follow a negative thought by remembering something inspirational.
6. Be present in the hear and now. Watch the sunrise; do something that is meaningful to you.
7. Build a new habit to feel your power each day. The illusion of powerlessness can crowd out positive thoughts.
8. Dream, Dream, Dream! Don't let someone else's doubt stop you from trying or interfere with your knowing.

I'm sure if we all thought about this list, we could come up with a few more suggestions to create a better and more meaningful life. I would add spiritual practices like - meditation, yoga, going for walks, journaling, or whatever might be most appropriate.

Today, think of one that you can do that will lead to a better life, and do it!


Susanna said…
Hey! I've just found your blog and now follow your writing and guess what...I DID do this, today! I went over the road to the wetlands and sat by the swamp with a journal. I meditated and then listened to some chilled out music. I never do that! Feels like a new ritual. Thanks for the post.

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