In the Early Morning

Yes, it seems trite but -

"All my bags are packed,
and I'm ready to go..."

Tomorrow, in the early morning, I shall depart for Denver, for the annual gathering of certified Anusara Yoga teachers. This year, I am mindful of the many meetings I will be attending and am reminding myself to stop, breathe, and remember - as I reminded a dear friend yesterday, to rest in God...Yes, even in the midst of so much busyness and presence...

While I am looking forward to all that this week will bring, I am also a little unsettled, for I do not travel well. It is the process of getting from point A to to point B that can be unnerving, and I find it fascinating that some people travel for a living and actually love it!

Recently, two intuitives that are in my life noted that there will be more travel for me in the future. I received this news with a certain amount of trepidation. Then I thought, whatever will be, will be. God will somehow provide and give me the strength I need to do the work He has envisioned. Somehow, through all of it, all shall be well...

I turned to Mohandas Gandhi's favored collections of prayers, and found these...

"Early in the morning I call to mind
that being which is felt in the heart
which is sat, chit, and sukham,
the eternal, knowledge, and bliss,
which is the state reached by perfect ones,
and which is the super-state...

In the early morning I worship Him
who is beyond the reach
of thought and speech,
and yet by whose grace all speech is possible.
I worship Him whom the scriptures describe
as neti, neti - not this, not this.
Him, the sages have called
God of gods, the unborn,
the unfallen, the source of all.

In the early morning I bow to Him
who is beyond darkness,
who is like the sun,
who is perfect, ancient...
and in whom, through the veil of darkness,
we fancy the whole universe as appearing..."

In the early morning, I will take flight, and in the clouds, be reminded that I am connected to all, as I commune with Source and express gratitude for all that is, for all that has been, and all that is to come...


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