Evening Came and Morning Followed - The Second Day

Yesterday was a packed day, ending with a meeting of the Anusara Yoga Curriculum Committee. Consequently, I did not do any updating last night.

The day was filled with exquisite but very sophisticated and nuanced teachings on Tantra - beginning with a historical overview, then an examination of the schools of Tantra that have influenced the philosophical foundations of Anusara Yoga, and finally, ending yesterday with a bird's eye view of the Siva Sutras, a very beautiful Tantric text, which we began studying at our gathering last year.

Paul Muller Ortega is one of the premier Sanskrit scholars and experts on Siva, and he has just finished his own translation and commentary of this text.

The first sutra, or verse of this scripture, in many ways summarizes the text and begins simply, by stating - "Consciousness is the self." In other words, consciousness is always conscious of itself.

One of the atributes of the Divine is that it is supremely aware and conscious of itself and it expresses itself as a power, which is called Shakti. It is this energy that we feel when we move in our practice.

The attributes of the Absolute that yogis and yoginis are most familiar with are those of: Being, Consciousness and Bliss. I could write a whole dissertation on this, but it will have to wait for another time!

I arose early to meditate and ground, and am off to a very full day...


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