Evening Came and Morning Followed - The First Day

I feel as though I am going to embark on a week of creation! Hence, the reference to the verse from Genesis in the title of this posting...

I arrived safe and sound to Denver, and slept very well, though I woke up with a pounding headache - which is for me - an effect of the altitude...But, I woke up refreshed and ready for the day, and meditated quietly and deeply, as I dedicated the day to God.

Yesterday I arrived with two wonderful yoginis and we settled in. In the early evening I ran into some yoginis from North Carolina who shared with me that they used some of my poetry to generate reflections during their Anusara Yoga immersion - which is a precursor to the teacher training program. I was both thrilled and touched!

Today will be a very long day - with meetings, updates, and the opportunity to drink in the the poetic sensuality of Paul Muller Ortega. I will try to make updates to this posting, adding some more later, as a moment here or there permits, thus, reporting LIVE! From Denver!

* * * *
The morning session concluded just a short time ago. We delved deep into the nuances of Tantra and much deeper into the teachings under the guidance and exquisite languaging of Paul Muller Ortega. All I can say is, my head has been spinning and I can't wait to transcribe my notes.

It is a privilege and and an honor to be here and to be exposed to all these teachings! Ah!


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