Mother's Day

It was a wonderful lazy day. I slept in - then went to Starbucks to have coffee and read the paper.

In the late afternoon it was off to Clyde's, one of my favorite restaurants, for an early dinner with my guys. About ten years ago or so - we went there for brunch and I received a geranium which I still have, and which still blooms for me.

The Spiritual Diary of Paramahansa Yogananda, records this wonderful excerpt from his writings for Mother's Day:

"In India we like to speak of God as Mother Divine, because a true mother is more tender and forgiving than a father. The mother is an expression of the unconditional love of God. Mothers were created by God to show us that He loves us with or without cause. Every woman is to me a representative of the Mother. I see the Cosmic Mother in all. That which I find most admirable in woman is her mother love."

To all you mothers out there - hope you had a good one!


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