Alphabet for Life - Redux

Five months ago, almost to the day - as we were not only ending a month - but a year - I posted this "Alphabet for Life."

I re-visited it today, almost half way into the year by re-posting it in several segments on both Twitter and Facebook. The responses it elicited made me think it worth re-posting for newer followers. One of my friends noted, that if she were ever asked to give a commencement address, she would certainly share these wonderful gems.

I have a laminated copy of this next to my computer, where I see it every day. I could easily spend the rest of this life embodying and implementing each and every one of these dictates or maxims. In fact, I could spend several lifetimes after this one working on this list - simply perfecting them!

I dedicate this re-posting to my nephew and godson, Paul Alexander, who graduates today.

And may these pearls of wisdom touch your lives once more as you gracefully embrace the second half of this year!

Accept differences
Be kind
Count your blessings
Express thanks
Give freely
Harm no one
Imagine more
Jettison anger
Keep confidence
Love truly
Master something
Nurture hope
Open your mind
Pack lightly
Quell rumors
Seek wisdom
Touch hearts
Value truth
Win graciously
Yearn for peace
Zealously support a worthy cause


Anonymous said…
Olga, I'm printing this today; and putting it in my office ... what a great listing of "things to be" ... Hope you are well. Sheila
Olga Rasmussen said…
Great! Then it was worth revisiting! I am most definitely well! Love, grace, and blessings to you!

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