My River of Grace

This morning, I finally had an opportunity to launch my kayak - Grace - and myself - into the river. It was a quiet morning, with not a single soul in sight in the river. It was just me, a magnificent blue heron like I had never seen - (or was it perhaps - "the one?") - and very vocal geese, a couple of mallard ducks, and quite a few exuberant bass fish making a splash as they danced for joy here and there.

It was the first truly warm - almost bordering on hot day in a very long time...

I was mesmerized taking in the striking profile of the blue heron who calmly surveyed the expanse of the river, now exploding in every variety of rich and verdant greens. The whole river was teeming vibrantly with life! And love!

The paddling was effortless at times - and it seemed to me that there is an art, almost a poetry to paddling. I was in the flow, without a care in the world, simply enjoying every moment that spilled into the next, and the next one after that...

Like the meditating Jake on one of my bumper stickers in the back of my car, I thought to myself, "Life is good!"

This morning, as I looked at my email briefly before heading out to the river, I noticed that a few more people were following me on Twitter. I like to click on their profiles and learn a little more about them.

I was quite startled to receive this message in my in box:

"Paramahansa Yogananda is now following you on Twitter!"

For a moment, my lungs emptied of their breath - as I paused in "kumbhaka" for an eternity - and I thought to myself - could it really be true? Is this a tangible message from the other side? (Of course, when I told my husband this story, he merely rolled his eyes).

I clicked on "Yogananda's" profile and discovered that he likes to post quotes from the Master himself, and so I thought he would definitely be a good one to follow on Twitter. I tend to be very selective, and stick to inspirational people...

As I emerged from the river, I could not help but think of how different my life has become in this last year or so. Interestingly, in the last few days and weeks I have connected with some people I've not seen in a year and half, and it was wonderful to catch up...

Once more I think of Julian of Norwich's uplifting words, that have served as my life long mantra, in times of joy, of sadness, and in this moment:

"All shall be well,
and and all shall be well,
and all manner of things shall be well."

Enjoy your day!


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