The River in Bloom

It is rainy today. I had hoped to put in some time at the river, but alas, Grace will not enjoy the water possibly, for at least 10 days...

The river is in full bloom - and all is truly verdant. Thus, the river is not so wide as it was during the winter season. It is no longer bare - but instead, teeming with life...

I am packing and cleaning today - getting ready for my trip to Denver and the many gifts and wonderful moments it will surely bring! I am looking forward to seeing people that I will perhaps only see at this time this year - as I will not be able to travel to other Anusara venues...

I chant the Reiki Precepts as I survey the river, taking in all the changes now evident and the explosion of leaves which now block my ability to see far and wide along the riverbanks.

I take a moment to reflect on an article I read yesterday about making commitments by Sally Kempton in the latest issue of Yoga Journal. She observes that "without commitment, life is a free-for-all, relationships a series of hook ups, and practice mere dabbling." But in order to make commitments, we must know what our core values are. By doing so, we discover the meta-commitments which govern our lives. These are vows we make with our own souls...

As I read a list of meta-commitments in the article, I found I resonated with all of them. Can you have so many?

To love in all circumstances
To be of service
To make your first priority your ongoing transformation and growth
To find out what is ultimately real
To make community
To make beauty
To be compassionate
To help make the world better
To live as your highest Self
To ensure justice

And I would add - to be loyal. It is a quality I have exhibited all my life. Interestingly enough, the current set of readings in Yogananda's Spiritual Diary deals with loyalty.

Loyalty is truly a core virtue for me - and it has informed many of my decisions and actions. When I open and give my heart - it is forever - regardless of what happens. Like Martin Luther, I cannot do otherwise. I know no other way to be. When it comes to relationships in particular, I never give up on them. Even throughout seeming separation, deep hurts, misunderstandings, mis-communication, and the passage of time, my loyalty endures. In my heart of hearts, I believe as the Anonymous Author of The Cloud of Unknowing observed in the 14th century - that:

"God sees with His all powerful eyes -
not who we are,
but who we strive to be."

It is so comforting to know that God does not see my failings first - but sees who I really wanted to be in life and in relationship...

I think, it is because of this, that when I have re-connected with people, even decades later, I am able to pick up where I left off. I know this is a gift and a blessing...

I look forward to all that is unfolding and the many miracles that are constantly offered! And to making more connections in Denver!


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