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Another nice day...

I went to the river briefly after an acupuncture treatment for a visit. It is still flooded, and I struck up a conversation with a guy who had just come out of the water. He works for the State Department and likes to hit it several times a week. It seems I keep meeting kayakers who work there all the time!

When I got home a friend called me and invited me out for coffee. We traveled over to Reston and had our iced coffees in a beautiful park in the middle of the Town Center and had a few good laughs...

As I prepare to go into my evening meditation, I thought I would share a few of my recent postings from Facebook, that either referred to the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, or were excerpts from my Denver notes. For those of you on Facebook, the last quote is a sneak preview of what I will post as my the inspirational quote for my status tomorrow - so shhhh!

"When we begin to awaken,
there arises within us
an instinct of remembrance
that there must be more to life.
Then we are launched into
the second great act of our existence -
and we match what happens inside of us
with what is happening externally."
- Paul Muller Ortega

"The highest form of earthly love is friendship.
Until the pure Divine Love of true friendship
has been expressed by the soul
in a human incarnation,
there will be no liberation."
- Yogananda

"We are immersed
in the Great Ocean of Consciousness.
We are the expression of Siva
who dances inside of us - as us -
even in our suffering."
- Paul Muller Ortega on the Siva Sutas

"To be merged in worldly consciousness
causes misery and increased desires,
but to be in the world but not of the world -
or better still, to enjoy the world with the pure joy of God -
brings lasting happiness."
- Yogananda

" With God in your heart,
and a smile on your face,
let your hands ungrudgingly work for truth alone.
Then you will find real happiness
wherever you may be."
- Yogananda


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